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The Elevator Pitch

a very short film

DIRECTOR: Simon Ryninks

WRITER: Zak Klein

PRODUCERS: Tibo Travers & Zak Klein

EDITOR: Hiran Balasuriya

DOP: Dino Dimopoulos & Tom Walker


FINALIST, IMDb New Filmmaker Award 2014

FINALIST, Sundance London Shorts Competition  2014
WINNER, Cinevana London 2015
WINNER, Moviescope Film of the Month

London Short Film Festival 2014
British Shorts, Berlin 2014
International FilmFest, Emden 2014
Bath Film Festival 2014
Loco Comedy Film Festival, London 2014
Leigh Film Festival, 2015
WhirlyGig Spotlights, London 2014
CineShift Film Festival, Washington 2015
VanChan Festival, Vancouver 2015
InHouse Festival, London 2015
Synesthesia Film Festival, San Francisco 2014
The Matinee Project India, Mumbai 2014
Unofficial Google+ Film Festival 2014

    A fourth-wall breaking trip

through the film industry, featuring

plucky intern struggling to

get to the top...



"...really fun, inventive

and makes a good point.”
Danny Cohen,

controller of BBC One




"Well meta!"
Adam Buxton, BBC 6 Music



" ...a fantastic set of visual puns...

understated industry satire/critique

and a commentary on the pitfalls

of creative fulfilment." 
The 405

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