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Sweetdoh Films

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Role: Copywriter


I was hired by Sweetdoh Films to re-brand the company's online presence and provide all the copy for their website and social media. I was able to invigorate their brand identity and present Sweetdoh as sharp and accomplished, but friendly and ethical in their work style.


I came up with the tagline 'Breaking bread with Sweetdoh"' I also wrote all the synopses and breakdowns for their individual films and projects. The work also involved engaging with Sweetdoh's twitter and facebook communities, writing regular updates and blog posts in keeping with the company style.


Since completing my work, Sweetdoh has reported a 180% increase in unique viewers per month.

'Breaking bread with Sweetdoh'

If you have a website or project and believe Zak could help, get in touch.

E:    T: 07915 534 997

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