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The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries

(Sample from 40 minute performance. Characters on screen were interacting with characters on stage).


Role: Video Editor

"Uniquely creative and breaking boundaries all over the place."
Paul Cowell, Southwark Events

"Really thoroughly researched ... The script was inventive, funny and ingeniously wove all the various stories into a cohesive whole."

A multi-platform family event that combined an interactive treasure hunt with short film and outdoor performance about, and made with, the people of Dulwich. Myrtle West, the well-known scientist/adventurer, has become unstuck in time, coursing throughout Dulwich’s history without any control. Audiences were invited to track down Myrtle’s clues from the past to help bring her back to the present.


The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries was commissioned by Southwark Presents as part of the Dulwich Festival. It was supported by Arts Council England.

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