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Kickstarter Campaign


Total raised: £12,905

Total backers: 166


In association with Sweetdoh films and the Milo Wladek company, I provided all the copywriting, blog updates and scripts for this 4 week campaign, which succeeded in raising £12,905 from a total 166 backers.


Throughout the campaign I wrote almost daily blog posts about our progress, as well as fun video scripts to appear on social media, humourously encouraging our supporters to donate. 


As well as raising the full amount, we also managed to sustain a loyal audience along the way, from countries around the world, all of whom are very eager to see the results and continue to ask us about our work.


To achieve the momentum we needed, I prepared all the copy and wrote the scripts we would use weeks in advance. I also tapped into a number of popular blogs who wrote articles about our progress along the way, using my copy.


You can see the full campaign on the Kickstarter website here: 

If you have a crowdfunding project and believe Zak could help, get in touch!

E:    T: 07915 534 997

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