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Why Didn't You Vote?! 

Role: Editor and Writer

Directed by Simon Ryninks

Produced by Tibo Travers, Exec Produced by Yoav Segal

Cinematography by Katie Goldschmidt

VFX/ Colour Grading by Battlecat Studios

We were hired by The People's In Campaign to create a short satirical video to encourage young Remain voters to get to the polls on referendum day. 

Just to be absolutely clear, this was released 3 days BEFORE the referendum. This isn't in response to what has happened since. It was a prediction, a prophecy if you will. Have a watch, and you may notice - despite the farcical nature of each vignette - that many of our predictions have come true in the last 3 years...

To think, we were just taking the piss.

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